ConaXion is the winning team of the inaugural Mayor's Cup. They beat more than 100 teams across 4 rounds of competition, taking the top prize at the Finals held on December 8, 2016 at Cross Campus DTLA. At the time, the team was comprised of undergraduate students from California State University, Los Angeles.  

ConaXion is a traveling business resource center targeting small businesses owners in under connected areas, primarily the South and Eastside of Los Angeles. They connect business owners to existing free resources provided by the City of Los Angeles, Non-Profits and Social Enterprises.

The Core Services Offered:


They connect you to free mentorship services along with a case-management style approach that will guarantee your success as a business owner.


Struggling with your business? They are here to connect you to technical assistance such as business plan review, financial literacy, credit counseling, and technological services to make sure your business thrives.


Need money to grow your business? Their team is here to connect you to any assistance needed to get the financial help you will need to become a successful business. 

Their 6-step process for supporting businesses is as follows:

1. Assessment

They want to get a comprehensive understanding of where your business stands currently so that they can connect you to the appropriate resources that you need.

2. Consulting Plan

They connect you to consultants that provide one-on-one, free business consulting. Offering support in marketing, finance, and business planning.

3. Business Plan

Having a solid business plan is essential to getting access to capital from banks and lenders. That's why they want to make sure you have the most feasible plan to ensure your growth. 

4. Funding

Struggling with funding? They will connect you to the lending institutions that will help you gain capital to start, grow, or expand your business.

5. Legal Services

Before incorporating your business, they want to make sure you meet with a Business Transaction Attorney to make sure you're filing the appropriate paperwork that best fits, and protects your business.

6. Launch/Startup

They will walk you through the licensing and permits that you need to officially start your business!